About A.R.K.

Our Mission, Goals, & Values

The ARK Project Help Center is a not-for-profit network supported by creative individuals, groups, businesses, other not-for-profit organizations, and local, regional, and national elected representatives. By working with such a diverse support base, the ARK project can provide public assistance to a very wide swath of the general public.


Artists & Entertainers

Our partners in the arts, entertainment, sports, literature, education, science, and faith are all creative communities with unique and innovative ways to offer transformative aid that lifts people from needing help to becoming self-sufficient as well as aiding others in need.


Providing More Than Food

Having team members with hands-on experience in helping the public with housing, food, financial, employment, and health insecurities, saves resources and delivers efficient results to those in need.


Training, Quality & Experience

And while on-the-job training is very positive, pre-existing experience is necessary to ensure the right amount of help goes where it’s needed most and only to those who qualify for much-needed aid.


Help Support Others By Donating Today!

Help Support Others By Donating Today!

Help Support Others By Donating Today!